Friday, December 18, 2009

A THRICE Illustration

This is the finished ink drawing of the previous 2 pencil sketches. If it looks violent, I did my job! It was an Illustration class sketchbook assignment, to make an image that looks like a song sounds. The song was by THRICE, "The Earth Will Shake". To listen to it, click here and open a new tab. Just like going to the movies! Heh, I hope.

One idea I had while doing this piece was to do little mini comic books, that would last as long to read as the song it followed. THRICE's music is very narrative by nature, so it lends itself to this kind of exploration. It's very visceral as well, hence the crazy brush marks. If you're familiar with MAD artist Basil Wolverton, I hope I would not be boasting to say this piece reminds me of his stuff, "spaghetti and meatballs" style, as people called it. He's dead, but you can check his stuff out here.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some random drawings! Yeah!

This is one of my rare longer, pencil drawings. Taken from part of a photo cataloguing the plight of Eastern European Jews right before WW2 really got out of hand.
This is an older sketch (last year?) of my buddy Joel.
This is a character from my buddy Andy Hongisto's comic, DRIFTER. Check out his blog here!
This is another Thrice-inspired idea: sharks eating drowning sailors. Pretty epic! I'll have to revisit this I think.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Emmaus Center advertisement goodness!

Here's a poster and flyers I did for the Emmaus Center, an on-campus Baptist Church where I volunteer. These were fun to do! Its funny now, because at the time the concept was just for fun, something to catch a students eye as they pass millions of other crappy flyers in the hallway; but, yesterday, in a separate church I attend, the pastor made a reference to astronauts being protected by space suits the way that the understanding of the word of God protects us from sin. I suppose God is using me to make sermon illustrations!

I think blogger has something against me posting the astronaut image right-side-up, because I have tried every way I can think of, and it's not working. So, if you want to see its full glory, save the image to your computer, open it in whatever image-viewing program you have, and rotate it. I'll give you 10 extra Santa "good deed" points if you do that. Redeem them for cash prizes from Santa, the pagan deity.

Basically, I wanted to draw a bus in the woods. I think it worked out, hehe. I had to shrink the image using a very tedious process at the photo copy shop though. I was scolded multiple times by the lovely copy-shop women for my unfamiliarity with their archaic scanning machines. Good times.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's sketches!

Didn't do much "actual" work today, but these were pretty fun. Broke out the brushes and got some mad Race Bannon . By page 2, he had become part Race, part Terminator. Johnny doesn't stand a chance!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Peek Into The Future!

Here's a sketchbook assignment from my illustration class. We had to listen to a song and draw an image that fit the song. So, naturally, because I wanted to draw something violent, I popped in my Thrice album "Vheissu", and starting imagining real hard to track 3: "The Earth Will Shake". So, if you're feeling savvy, to get the full experience on this one, look up that song and listen to it as you gaze at my unfinished drawing. I also recommend girding your loins prior to listening to that Thrice song, because you might soil your drawers with so much awesomeness flooding your senses. Also, please listen to it at full volume and pretend you've been locked in solitary confinement awaiting your freedom that past ten years. Have fun!

Here's that same drawing, but live-traced in Adobe Illustrator to make it looked inked. When I actually ink it, I'll post that too! It needs clean up first.

It's Actually Happening!!!

Hello folks! That's right, Aaron Kapper is actually following through and starting a blog in order to display some of his slightly pretentious and inscrutably esoteric "artwork", talk about stupid bands he kinda likes (the aquabats, for example), mention comics he likes to read (persepolis anyone?), and hopefully succeed in wasting your time in increasingly elaborate, albeit amusing ways (let')!

All coyness aside, I'm excited to get this thing up and running! If you know me, I hope this blog will allow you to know me better by seeing the pictures I spend hours fretting about and occasionally working on, maybe peeking into my many unfinished sketchbooks, and hopefully not rejecting me as a friend because you think I am actually as weird as you always secretly thought I was. we go!