Friday, December 18, 2009

A THRICE Illustration

This is the finished ink drawing of the previous 2 pencil sketches. If it looks violent, I did my job! It was an Illustration class sketchbook assignment, to make an image that looks like a song sounds. The song was by THRICE, "The Earth Will Shake". To listen to it, click here and open a new tab. Just like going to the movies! Heh, I hope.

One idea I had while doing this piece was to do little mini comic books, that would last as long to read as the song it followed. THRICE's music is very narrative by nature, so it lends itself to this kind of exploration. It's very visceral as well, hence the crazy brush marks. If you're familiar with MAD artist Basil Wolverton, I hope I would not be boasting to say this piece reminds me of his stuff, "spaghetti and meatballs" style, as people called it. He's dead, but you can check his stuff out here.

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