Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Peek Into The Future!

Here's a sketchbook assignment from my illustration class. We had to listen to a song and draw an image that fit the song. So, naturally, because I wanted to draw something violent, I popped in my Thrice album "Vheissu", and starting imagining real hard to track 3: "The Earth Will Shake". So, if you're feeling savvy, to get the full experience on this one, look up that song and listen to it as you gaze at my unfinished drawing. I also recommend girding your loins prior to listening to that Thrice song, because you might soil your drawers with so much awesomeness flooding your senses. Also, please listen to it at full volume and pretend you've been locked in solitary confinement awaiting your freedom that past ten years. Have fun!

Here's that same drawing, but live-traced in Adobe Illustrator to make it looked inked. When I actually ink it, I'll post that too! It needs clean up first.

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